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Less is more.

ウエダジュエラーは創業以来 130 年以上に渡り、「和と洋の融合」というテーマを大切にしてきました。それは単に西洋のデザインや加工技術を吸収して模倣するということではありません。日本に根付く美しいものを愛でる心や、江戸時代から伝わる職人技をもとにした、ウエダジュエラーならではのジュエリーつくりをしてまいりました。
この「和と洋の融合」の先にある美的感覚が “Less is more.”= 「引き算の美」 です。

Aesthetics of Subtraction

Less is more.

Uyeda Jeweller has treasured the principle of "East Meets West" for over 130 years since its establishment. We have proudly crafted jewelry that incorporates western jeweling techniques with the traditional Japanese spirit of appreciating beautiful things, and craftsmanship originating from the Edo Period.
Uyeda Jeweller embraces the idea that - "Less is more." and the "Aesthetic sense of Subtraction". Japanese minimalistic beauty is born of respecting materials and eliminating waste as much as possible. Our vital aesthetics lies in blending this Japanese sense of aesthetic beauty together with Western techniques.

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100 年以上世代を越えて身に着けることができ、そのお幸せな気持ちまで受け継がれていくものはジュエリーより他にないといえるでしょう。
ウエダジュエラーは 100 年愛されるジュエリーつくりを目指しています。

Jewelry Making

Jewelry with 100 years of love

Exceptional jewelry stands out in two points – Its ability to create happiness for its wearer, and the possibility to hand it down generation to generation over 100 years or more.
It is said that jewelry has three big values; proprietary value as an asset, utility value as jewelry itself, and emotional value linked to memorable moments in our lives. We have put particular emphasis on emotional value as well as the other two.
We hope all of our customers will form many emotional moments with our jewelry, including anniversaries with significant others and warm moments with families that they can later pass on to future generations.

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おもてなしとは、お客様との出会い、一瞬一瞬に心をこめてお迎えすること。茶道に由来することわざの一つに「一期一会」があります。ウエダジュエラーは 100 年愛されるジュエリーをつくり、世代を越えてお付き合いの出来るプライベートジュエラーを目指しています。そのためにお客様と結ばれる信頼の絆、そしてご期待を上回る「おもてなし」により上質な時間をお届けしてまいります。

Uyeda Jeweller's "Omotenashi"

A private jeweller for you and your family - beyond generations

Japanese "omotenashi" or hospitality, means meeting and welcoming customers sincerely at every moment. In Japanese tea ceremony, this hospitality is described as a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity". To be your private jeweller and create something that can be loved for 100 years and beyond, we will seek to establish a bond of trust with our customers and offer quality time through our unparalleled "omotenashi".





Be sincere to customers

Our experienced advisors help you select your memorial jewelry in your life. We always stand in our customer's shoes to support them to find the product they can be completely satisfied with. Find our traditional "omotenashi" with warmth and trust in our store. We have also offered a set of after-sales maintenance to meet our customer's needs.

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Our History - Since 1884

1884 年(明治 17 年)、東京・京橋区の旧南佐柄木町、現在の銀座電通通りに後のウエダジュエラーとなる「植田商店」(K.UYEDA)が誕生しました。
創業から 130 年を超えた老舗ジュエラーの歩みと精神を、当時の写真とともにご紹介いたします。

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