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現代美術家・須田 悦弘(すだ よしひろ)×ウエダジュエラー『金の雑草』






2018 年 4 月 22 日(日)~ 10 月 30 日(火)
須田 悦弘展「ミテクレマチス」
ミュージアムショップ NOHARA BOOKS店頭にて、見本として1点置いてあります。オーダー可能です。


Yoshihiro Suda "Weeds"

Artist, Yoshihiro Suda, has received worldwide acclaim for his unique wood carving work. His craftsmanship is so refined that it is difficult to distinguish his art work from the real thing. His creations, whether it be a single flower or a common weed, are created in their actual life size form.
When his work is placed in a room among other objects, it seems to take immediate control of the surrounding space, bringing new life into the atmosphere.
His work projects a whole new reality to the observer. Uyeda Jewelers was founded during the Meiji era in 1884. The company is famous for its high-end jewelry originating from its decorative metalwork with swords, a craft that is unique to Japan. Yoshihiro Suda and the top craftsmen of this established jeweler collaborated to create “Weeds” made from pure solid gold.

Photo by hisaya hirose

製作数は限定50個 価格378,000円(税込)。
材質:Au 940(金) サイズ:W35 x H30 x D25 mm 重量:約 7 g ウエダジュエラー製

50 limited editions.
Price: 378,000 yen (tax included).

金の雑草について - 須田 悦弘



Comment on gold "Weeds" by Yoshihiro Suda

It took over ten years to create the gold "Weeds". Through a process of repeated trial and error, it’s finally been brought to life.
Gold is known as the first metal ever used by man. From ancient times until now, the value and quality of gold have not changed. In this sense, I think gold is the only material that embodies the word "eternity". Although wood is my favorite material to work with, gold’s allure makes it my second favorite.
This ridiculous piece was created by using a wood carving of a common weed as a model, and molding it with solid gold.